Theatre Hire


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                     Street Address: 15 Glendale Rd, Glen Eden, West Auckland
                    Postal Address: P.O. Box 21 358, Henderson, Auckland 0650
                                      Phone: (09) 818 5751 (Theatre Office)

                                              Office hours:  please call 

Playhouse Theatre in Glen Eden is administered by the Waitakere Playhouse Theatre Trust
Members of the Trust all work in a voluntary capacity.

Our "home" theatre group, Playhouse Theatre Incorporated, has a priority booking of the venue for 16 weeks each year to stage productions that include plays, musicals, children's shows and other associated events.  Outside P.T.I. hire times our performing arts facility is available for community, professional, corporate and private hire day or night during week days and weekends by arrangement. 


A minimum of $200 booking deposit made payable to Waitakere Playhouse Theatre Trust will confirm dates pencil-booked for hire of the theatre.  Dates cannot be retained without payment of a booking deposit. This payment forms part of a hirer's overall hire account but should the booking be cancelled for any reason, it is then non-refundable and non-transferable.

Hire conditions and charges are set out in the current Playhouse Theatre Hire Contract.

Once the theatre hire contract is signed, all its conditions must be adhered to.

A $500 bond is also to be paid and this is refundable once hire conditions are met.

Full payment of the bond and hire account must be made before commencement of the hire.


A Theatre Manager or Trust Custodian is on hand at all times to assist with all aspects of a theatre hire and has the support of other theatre personnel when necessary to help in all areas of staging an event or production.

A Stage Manager is to be made available for any dress rehearsal or performance and this person can be provided by the hirer or enlisted from Playhouse personnel.  Stage Managers need to liaise with the Theatre Manager or Trust Custodian and if necessary a theatre technician prior to their event or performance season.

Technical, backstage and Front of House personnel can be employed through the theatre to assist in any areas of production and charges for the various roles are listed in the current theatre hire contract.


A Front of House Manager must be available for any event when there is an audience.  The hirer can provide their own person for this role but he/she needs to liaise with the Theatre Manager or Trust Custodian prior to commencement of a show or performance season for instruction regarding theatre policies.  Alternatively a Front of House Manager can be employed from the theatre's personnel if available.

Two ushers (one stationed left, one right at the rear of the auditorium) are required to be in attendance when there is an audience in the theatre and an extra usher is required if the balcony seating is in use. Ushers will be given instruction on their duties by FOH Manager, Theatre Manager or Trust Custodian.  The hirer can provide their own ushers or alternatively Playhouse Theatre personnel can be employed to assist.



Seating capacity of the theatre is 240 (including 38 seats in the balcony). Seating aisles are wide enough to allow patrons to remain seated while others pass by and the seats are extremely comfortable.

The staggered and terraced seating arrangement affords excellent sightlines and there are good acoustics in all areas of the auditorium.

Seating rows run from A (closest to stage) to I (at the rear of the auditorium).

Due to fire regulations, no extra seats or other obstructions (camera tripods, cases, wheelchairs etc.) are permitted in the aisles, in front of the stage apron or in front of any exit doors.

Two wheelchair spaces are available - seat numbers 1 and 23 situated either end of Row H.  These should be pre-booked as seats have to be removed and stored under the balcony stairs prior to the start of an event.  Prams and walkers can also be stored under the balcony stairs.

For patron safety, auditorium step lights are to be left on during any event and stairway lights also if the balcony seating is being used.


                                                      Balcony Seating (38 seats)


If an event requires anything more than a standard lighting, sound or curtain rig, a Playhouse Theatre technician will need to be enlisted to liaise with a hirer's experienced sound or lighting person to give initial instruction regarding any technical requirements. Alternatively, Playhouse Theatre technicians can be employed (minimum 3 hr call-out) to assist with operating of sound or lighting for productions and events.  Any technical riders and lighting plans are to be provided in good time well before the event. Comprehensive theatre plans, lighting rig layout and lists of the theatre's technical equipment are available to assist with the staging of your event.


A dual-zoned system heats and cools the theatre auditorium and stage area.  Extractor fans and heaters are provided in the backstage green room and dressing rooms.


An audio/visual system enables onstage activity to be viewed by Front of House personnel, Stage Manager and those backstage by way of monitors situated in the green room, dressing rooms, behind stage cyclorama, FOH supper room, prompt and op sides of the stage.

Alternatively there are phone extensions for communication throughout the theatre covering front office, supper room, lighting box, onstage, green room etc.

Sets of cans (communication headphones & microphones) are available to enable communication between the technical areas of the theatre including prompt (stage manager) and op sides of stage, orchestra pit (when in use), left and right dome positions on balcony (follow spots), balcony sound desk and lighting box.


Playhouse has a proscenium style 120 square metre stage (excluding wing space) that includes a central motorised revolve and a removable stage apron that covers an orchestra pit.

Hirer's use of the stage-revolve or orchestra pit is by arrangement. 

At the rear of the stage is a full size cyclorama that can be used for projection purposes.

A full height roller door at the rear of the stage allows easy access for packing-in sets and equipment.

A selection of masking and curtain drapes is already hung and can be used to adjust the size of the stage area.  No modifications can be made to any sound, lighting or curtain rigging without prior permission from the Theatre Manager or Trust Custodian.  Hirers are not to paint sets or props onstage.


                                                                 "Noises Off" stage set 2006


A fire/security/first-aid officer is required at all times when the theatre is being used and this person is provided by the theatre.  This role is undertaken by the Theatre Manager or Trust Custodian.  First-aid kits and Accident/ Incident Report Forms are situated under the Supper Room bar in Front of House and near the backstage green room door. These kits are for first-aid use only. Tapes and plasters are not to be used for attaching body microphones or strapping dancer's feet. Companies are asked to provide there own supplies for these purposes. The Theatre Manager has a certificate in Workplace First Aid.

Although every care is taken and security lights are operating in the theatre car park, Playhouse personnel are not responsible for the security of any vehicles parked in any areas adjacent to the theatre.  Fire, safety and security responsibility pertains to the theatre buildings and its contents.  This does not include any personal effects or equipment belonging to venue hirers.

A fire register is kept by the Green Room door to record names of hirer's production personnel.

Playhouse has a fully-serviced fire sprinkler and alarm system.  Any special effects must be approved beforehand and no naked flames are permitted onstage or in any other areas of the theatre.

Only authorised technical personnel are permitted in the lighting box, on the proscenium and auditorium bridges of the theatre and every care must be taken when working in these areas.

To help ensure their safety, users must keep to the walkways provided.  Exits are to be kept clear and any cables or leads must gaffa-taped down onstage or elsewhere to avoid tripping hazards.



A full lighting rig is ready to use and can provide illumination for pre-set stage zones.  Colour washes (red, green, yellow, blue or combinations of these) can be used to illuminate the cyclorama.
A list of the theatre's lighting equipment, plans of lighting rig and patching arrangement are available.

If anything more than a standard lighting rig is required, the hirer will need to liaise with one of our theatre technicians well before the date of the event.

Hire time must also allow for any possible reinstating of the theatre's standard rigs.

Gels and gaffa tape are to be provided by the hirer.

Follow-spots, complete with colour changers and dimmers, are situated right and left of the balcony seating and an additional one can be operated from the centre of the lighting box.  Hirers can provide their own follow-spot operators or alternatively can employ theatre personnel to assist with any follow-spotting.

A moveable scaffold and selection of ladders are available to assist with rigging.


A standard PA system is provided consisting of a mixing desk, one corded microphone and two cord-free radio microphones (with or without stands) and amplification to four bow speakers in the auditorium.

Fold-back can also be included if required (e.g. for dance events).

Additional sound equipment may be hired.  A cd/tape player is available for hire.

Hirer's must specify their sound requirements well before their hire time and advise where sound desk is to be positioned - Stage Manger's side (prompt side), OP, balcony or lighting-box.


There is a baby grand Yamaha piano onstage for hire.  The hirer is responsible for checking that the stage piano is tuned to their satisfaction and if it needs tuning it is at the hirer's cost.

Only qualified piano tuners are to service Playhouse pianos.


Smoking is not permitted inside any of the theatre buildings.  Butt bins are provided outside on the walls left and right of the front entrance and on the wall outside the green room.


Playhouse provides a ramp at the front of theatre for wheelchair access or for those who have difficulty in negotiating steps.  A disability toilet is provided in Front of House and also adjacent to the backstage dressing rooms at the end of the corridor in the green room.  A disability lift that gives access to the stage is situated in the green room for the convenience of any disabled performers or production team members.

Seat numbers 1 and 23 in row H of the auditorium are removable to accommodate wheelchairs.  These seats need to be pre-booked. 


A baby changing station is situated in the Front of House disability toilet.


Ticketing is the theatre hirer's responsibility. Our 'resident' company, Playhouse Theatre Incorporated, uses Iticket but hirers can choose their own ticketing agent or alternatively organise ticketing by their own group.  If a hirer is using Iticket as a ticketing agency, venue pick-ups and remaining door sales can be printed out at the theatre.  The theatre phone number (09) 818 5751 is not to be used for booking purposes. Ticketing can be in the form of allocated seating or general admission.  Playhouse does not differentiate between ticket prices for stall or balcony seating.

It is advisable to sell stall seating first before opening balcony sales.  Eftpos facilities are only available at the theatre for productions staged by Playhouse Theatre Incorporated.  Hirers make their own arrangements for ticket sales, mobile eftpos terminals and for any cash floats needed.


A billboard space is provided for your use out front of the theatre.  Dimensions for your billboard must be stirictly 800mm x 1200mm (portrait) and 7mm to 10mm thick to enable it to fit securely into the tracks provided.  The board and signage must be waterproof and of a reasonable sign writing standard. Alternatively you can provide a laminated poster within the dimensions of 800mm x 1200mm (portrait) and this can be stapled to one of the theatre's boards.  If you can provide posters and flyers to promote your event, they can be displayed and distributed at events in the theatre that precede yours. If you can provide information about your event one or two months beforehand it can be included in several community event listings.  You are welcome to sell applicable merchandise to complement your event or give information about your group. There is no commission charged for this as is the practice in some venues.


Front of House Supper Room


Interval refreshments can be arranged by the hirer or if requested (and if personnel are available) may be organised and staffed by our resident theatre company, Playhouse Theatre Inc.  In the case of the latter, any proceeds from refreshment sales will go to the home theatre group.  Should the hirer require a liquor licence for their event, this is to be applied for by the hirer from Auckland Council twenty working days prior to the event.  Cost of the licence is to be met by the hirer in both instances and conditions of the licence must be adhered to.

Commercial catering companies can also be enlisted to provide refreshments for your event should you choose this option.

It is requested that foods that have a strong odour are not prepared anywhere in the theatre building. 
Both the Front of House Supper Room and the backstage Green Room can be used for catering purposes.

The Front of House supper room is provided with a large serving bar, a large Zip for continual boiling water, fridges, microwave and a dishwasher.  There are also stocks of coffee mugs, crockery, teapots, juice and wine glasses but it is advisable to check with the Theatre Manager as to adequate numbers of these items required for your particular event.

Tea towels and dishwashing liquids/powders are provided.

No food or drinks are permitted in the auditorium, onstage or in the lighting box.  Ushers are asked to help ensure that patrons respect this policy.

It is preferable that sale of food and drinks be conducted at intervals and sale of refreshments stop at least five minutes before second half of a show.    

If refreshments are to be offered before a show or event, sales or distribution of these should cease at an appropriate time before the advertised show time.  Patrons can get annoyed if they have only just purchased refreshments, do not have enough time to consume them and then are asked not to take food or drinks into the auditorium.

Bubble gum or chewing gum is not permitted in the theatre.


Theatre hirers have the option of either paying for commercial cleaners to attend to theatre cleaning during or after their event or alternatively having their own event personnel attend to these duties.  These include dusting and vacuuming all areas, wiping down benches and mirrors, cleaning toilets etc and leaving the theatre in a clean and tidy state in all respects.

No food or drinks are to be left in fridges or microwaves which are to be left in a clean state.

Toilet rolls, liquid soap and cleaning products are provided by the theatre.


All rubbish is to be removed by the hirer unless a commercial theatre clean has been paid for.

Black rubbish bags are provided and when full need to be tied and placed in the hire bin at the rear of the theatre.  A key is available for the padlock on the bin.

Tins, bottles and appropriate plastics are to be put in the green bins for 'recyclables' situated in the FOH supper room and green room kitchens.  At the end of the hire contents of these are then transferred to the blue and yellow bins at the rear of the theatre.


Playhouse has 24 parking spaces at the rear of the theatre marked with 'PH'.  Access to this area is by way of a driveway between the theatre and the Glen Eden RSA.  A grassed area is also available for parking at the rear of the theatre Costume Hire facility (in fine weather only). Other car spaces are used by the Lady of Lourdes church next door and the Glen Eden RSA but these can also sometimes be available if there isn't a church service or other event on.  Depending on time of day/night, additional parking may be available behind the medical centre, in the Glenmall shopping area and in surrounding streets should the Playhouse car park be full.  Please do not park in front of theatre or outside the green room door.


Public transport is close at hand.  A bus stop and taxi rank is opposite the theatre in Glendale Road and the Glen Eden train station, with a direct line to Auckland city centre, is a few minutes walk away.

Glenmall shopping centre is across the road from the theatre.  The Glen Eden Library that incorporates a community advice bureau is opposite Playhouse and the Glen Eden R.S.A. is next door.  Several banks are close by with ATM facilities.

Facilities in the mall include bakeries, Hammer Hardware, a laundromat, optometrist, barbers, video hire, hairdressers, dry cleaners, fruit and vegetable shops, Mad Butcher, paint and decorating shop, dairies, Four Square Grocery, pet shop, pharmacies, $2 shops, health food shop, Post Office and a good variety of food outlets and takeaways etc.


Playhouse Theatre Incorporated (the 'resident' theatre group of Playhouse) operates a costume hire facility at the rear of the theatre.  Currently this is open to the general public on Wednesdays (2pm to 4pm) and Fridays (5pm to 7pm), Phone 818 5756.  This is run by theatre volunteers and proceeds go toward providing costuming for shows presented by Playhouse Theatre Incorporated.

Props and set pieces can also be hired from P.T.I.  Other items available for hire include radio microphones, star curtain and stage rostra. Application for membership of P.T.I. is invited and assistance in all the production areas is always welcomed.